Vision & Mission



Shimon Peres’ dream was for Israel to lead global efforts to help the 2 billion people around the globe who are afflicted with brain diseases. At Israel Brain Technologies, we share this dream. We work to position Israel as the global hub for groundbreaking brain research, technology, and significant investment in treating, managing, and curing brain disease.



Our mission is to accelerate the development of innovative treatments and cures for brain disease by convening scientists, physicians, entrepreneurs, and investors, and catalyzing innovations that will change the way we address this global health crisis.

We know that the men, women, and children suffering from brain illnesses, and their loved ones, can’t wait – which is why we work with startups and investors who are committed to developing a high volume of ideas at an accelerated pace. Our goal is to serve as a convener, facilitator, and accelerator for global science and business leaders working together to develop innovative approaches that alleviate suffering, improve quality of life, and cure diseases previously thought incurable.

We pursue our mission and vision through a three-pronged approach:

  • We convene, foster, and educate networks of emerging and seasoned scientists, physicians, innovators, and businesspeople engaged in neurotechnology and related fields.
  • We serve as an authoritative, accessible knowledge center for emerging brain technology ecosystems in brain research and applied technologies.
  • We attract new partners and key stakeholders to support brain technology in Israel and around the world, catalyzing partnerships that accelerate the pace of innovation.


We believe that Israel, with its longstanding reputation as the “startup nation,” is uniquely positioned to serve as a global, dynamic technology hub and accelerator to high-potential innovations addressing the crisis of brain disease.