What is Braingels?

We are very excited to invite you to Braingels, our international braintech investor network program, intended to connect startups with investors in all areas of neuroscience and neurotechnology including pharma, devices, digital and consumer. This year’s BrainTech conference and our blossoming industry reiterated for us the need for this kind of program which provides valuable introductions and access to emerging, promising innovation and entrepreneurs.

The program, managed by IBT, sources and screens companies and provides quarterly investor meetings where selected  startups will present. Investors have an opportunity to discuss the presented projects among each other, but make their independent decisions regarding investment in the presented startups. Accredited investors are currently invited to a year’s free trial without any commitment. IBT will also support the investment process. 

For Startups BrainTech startups are invited to submit an executive summary for review at yael@israelbrain.orgThe IBT team will then contact you regarding next steps.

For Investors Private and institutional investors interested in learning more about the growing braintech industry and considering seed investments in this space, are invited to join our network at this time with no commitment during the first year. If you are interested in learning more, please contact