BrainTech 2017 Conference Summary: Bringing the best in global brain innovation to Tel Aviv

BrainTech 2017 “Converging Technologies” – the 3rd international brain technologies conference organized by Israel Brain Technologies (IBT) took place last week in Tel Aviv.

BrainTech 2017 brought over 40 of the world’s leading researchers, clinicians and industry leaders  in the brain arena, to present and discuss challenges, opportunities and technological developments.


Miri Polachek, IBT Executive Director, and IBT Chairman Dr. Rafi Gidron

The conference program included:

  • Over 750 attendees from the entire brain ecosystem: industry leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, clinicians and researchers.
  • A brain technology company exhibition and Startup Pavilion featuring new ventures including IBT’s Brainnovations accelerator graduates, (click here to view the full list of exhibitors).
  • A startup Competition sponsored by Sanara Ventures, and in partnership with Virtuozo and Xtech, including a pitch session of the five finalist teams on the main stage (click here to read more).
  • An advanced meeting platform that facilitated over 150 one-on-one meetings , initiating dozens of cooperation and business opportunities.

Several important announcements were made at the conference:

  • Announcement of a cooperation between IBT’s Brainnovations accelerator and the U.S. based NeuroLaunch accelerator (read more).
  • Launch of IBT’s Brain Technology Association, supported by the Israel Innovation Authority, which will bring together the Israeli brain technology industry to create new content and programming for advancing R&D and technology implementation.
  • The Mathematical Neuroscience Prize, $100,000 each, was awarded to two researchers – Prof. Misha Tsodyks of Weizmann Institute and Prof. Fred Wolf of Max Planck Institute for Self Dynamics and Self Organization, Guettingen.

The conference included a tribute to the late Israeli President Shimon Peres, who was the founding visionary of IBT.

The conference generated considerable media coverage, click here to see the published articles, with many more expected in the coming days.

“We’d like to thank the speakers, sponsors and exhibitors who worked together with us to make BrainTech 2017 such a great success,” says IBT Executive Director Miri Polachek. “This conference was not just fascinating and enriching, it’s a real vehicle to create the connections and partnerships between the different stakeholders – entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and more – that drive brain innovation and implementation, and this is truly IBT’s mission.”

Iris Geffen, Mike Merzenrich and Mor Nahum

Iris Geffen, Mike Merzenrich and Mor Nahum

“We’re grateful for the opportunity that BrainTech 2017 provided us,” says Dekel Taliaz, Founder and CSO of Taliaz Health:  “Presenting at the Startup Pavilion and at the Startup Competition pitch session opened a lot of doors for us.  The event gave us unparalled access to decision makers from the entire global and local brain ecosystem.”

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