IBT – An Opportunity to Engage with Israel’s Neurotech Innovation Ecosystem

Israel Brain Technologies (IBT) depends on the support of a group of sponsors who are passionate about growing Israel’s neurotech cluster.  Adam Grossman talks about the unique value proposition that IBT provides its supporters.

“Becoming involved with IBT can mean much more than providing funding for the organization’s activities,” says Adam Grossman, partner at The Alta Fund, and the person managing IBT’s relationships with the network of sponsors in the U.S. “IBT is the hub for Israel’s braintech community, running impactful programs including the Brainnovations accelerator and Braingels investor network.  People who sponsor IBT are often connected to neurotechnology, as entrepreneurs, researchers or investors, and involvement in IBT is a way for them to quickly engage with Israel’s promising braintech network.  The high level of IBT’s network,including Nobel Laureates and international industry leaders, is obviously a draw for those wanting to plug into that network.”

Adam Grossman

Adam Grossman

Another common characteristic of IBT’s network of supporters is a desire to support Israeli industry and strengthen its innovation economy. “Most of our sponsors have a connection to Judaism or Israel, and want to see the country become an international leader in braintech.  The infrastructure is there – the highest level of academic institutions, hospitals and research – and we want to help realize the country’s potential  to turn breakthrough innovation into technologies that build an industry.”

But a passion for neurotech and Israel are not the only drivers of supporters of IBT.  There is often a personal story behind the connection.  “May 8th is Mother’s Day in the U.S.,” says Grossman.  “It will be a tough day for me this year, as my mother is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s.  Many of IBT’s supporters also have loved ones who are suffering, and are motivated to help find cures for the diseases IBT’s activities target, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, autism, stroke, ADHD, depression and more.”

IBT’s programs, including the bi-annual international BrainTech Israel conference, activities supporting promising Israeli braintech startups, and other community activities, require a significant budget. “We’re grateful to have the support of people all over the world, including Canada, the United States, Europe and Israel,” says Miri Polachek, IBT’s Executive Director.  “We know that not everyone has the ability to donate tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and so we’ve recently also opened a channel on our website for small donations, through ‘Israel Gives.’  Anyone who is passionate about finding cures to the world’s most difficult brain related illnesses, and about the ability of the Israeli ecosystem to accomplish this, is welcome to donate.  We are grateful for all the support.”

But for those donors who are able to get involved on a larger scale, IBT offers a unique value proposition – the inside track and access to Israel’s braintech innovation and global network.

For more information on how to get involved and support IBT, contact Miri at miri@israelbrain.org.

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