IBT-Tech – Israel’s BrainTech Industry Membership Program – Kicks Off

 IBT-Tech – the latest program initiated by IBT and with funding and support from the Innovation Authority and the member companies – was launched this month.


Yael Zifroni Sommer

“After over a year of planning, we are proud to announce the launch of IBT-Tech,” says Miri Polachek, IBT’s Executive Director. “This program is a major milestone in IBT’s efforts to advance and support Israel’s brain technology industry.”

Dr. Shimon Eckhouse, presenting at the launch event

Dr. Shimon Eckhouse, presenting at the launch event

The program, which already has 20 member companies ranging from early stage startups to revenue-generating brain technology companies, is dedicated to empowering Israel’s BrainTech companies through technological enrichment and related knowledge sharing activities.  The program will include monthly meetings, each focused on a different topic in the brain arena, workshops and seminars, CEO/CTO forums and access to brain-related news and publications.

The program’s first meeting, which took place April 20th at Google Campus, featured an inspiring presentation by Dr. Shimon Eckhouse, Co-founder and Chairman of Syneron and one of Israel’s most successful medical technology entrepreneurs.

The kickoff event also established the steering committees, which will work on developing content for the five main topic areas: Algorithms (AI, data fusion, statistical parameters), brain initiatives and international programs, brain technologies (such as neuromodulation, neurostimulation and digital health), data collection, and disease & treatment.

IBT-Tech’s activities will be managed  by Yael Zifroni Sommer, under the leadership team which includes Imad Younis of Alpha Omega, Dr. Dekel Taliaz of Taliaz Health,  and Ziv Peremen of ElMindA, with the support of Miri Polachek from IBT.


Ilan Peled, Innovation Authority

Imad Younis, Chairman of IBT-Tech

Imad Younis, Chairman of IBT-Tech

Imad Younis, President of Alpha Omega, says: “IBT-Tech is a very important initiative due to the fact that we have many medical device and pharmaceutical companies involved in the brain arena, covering a wide range of technologies to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders, and other applications related to the brain. The fact that this field is heavily regulated forces the companies to be focused on their own technologies and solutions, and on trying to find the fastest way to market. The new initiative assists in broadening the horizons of the companies and exposing them to different technologies, solutions and applications.”

Ilan Peled, Manager of the infrastructure technology dןvision at the Innovation Authority, congratulated the participating entrepreneurs at the event: “I’m pleased to see these companies which want to share from their knowledge and learn about the various developing technologies in the brain sphere. The involvement of the member companies in the choice of topics and technologies which will be covered in the program is very important.  We set out on this adventure together and hope this will be a multi-year program, and wish success to all.

“I’m very excited to be managing the IBT-Tech program,” says Yael Zifroni Sommer. “Brain is a very fast-moving field, and we believe bringing the latest developments to the doorstep of Israel’s brain companies will help make sure Israel is at the forefront of brain innovation.”

For more information about IBT Tech and how to join, please contact Yael Zifroni Sommer, Director of IBT-Tech, at yaelzs@israelbrain.org

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