IBT Sets Sights on Europe, and Geneva’s Growing BrainTech Hub

(L to R): Rotem Kopel, Iris Geffen Gloor, Niels Birbaumer, John Donaghue, Miri Polachek

A team from Israel Brain Technologies (IBT) recently visited Geneva, where hundreds of millions of Euros are being directed to neuroscience, and creating an international braintech hub with tremendous promise. Geneva is transforming into a powerful center for… Read more

Meet our new Board Member Danny Weiss

Danny Weiss

“As someone who has been involved in Israel’s life sciences arena on the entrepreneurial side for quite a few years, I was interested in getting more involved in helping support the next generation of Israeli braintech companies,” explains… Read more

Adam Grossman

Israel Brain Technologies (IBT) depends on the support of a group of sponsors who are passionate about growing Israel’s neurotech cluster.  Adam Grossman talks about the unique value proposition that IBT provides its supporters. “Becoming involved with IBT… Read more

Beersheba – a growing neurotech oasis in the desert


Israel Brain Technologies (IBT) recently visited Beersheba, where promising neurotech developments are emerging from Ben Gurion University and Soroka Medical Center. Interview with Dr. Oren Shriki. Dr. Oren Shriki is one of the leaders of the growing neurotech… Read more

Human Enhancement – from Science Fiction to Reality


Israel Brain Technologies’ (IBT) meetup on the topic of Human Enhancement brought together inspiring speakers, cutting edge startups and a large group of attendees who filled the venue beyond capacity.   “It was great to see such a… Read more