Iris Geffen Gloor, PhD, MBA – Chair of the Conference Program and Industry Relations Liaison

Dr. Geffen has extensive experience in life science research, business development and management, in Israel, the US and Europe. Working within academic and industrial institutions, she has been responsible for managing frameworks for business development and international cooperation, screening of technologies, R&D project management, strategic planning, and fund raising. Dr. Geffen has developed unique specialized frameworks to support biotechnology start-up companies, which encompass everything from screening of new technologies to building the foundation for new start-ups and technology transfer from academia to industry. In the past few years Dr. Geffen has been acting as a consultant to academic institutions and early stage ventures, assisting in technology evaluation, patent assessment, licensing, project planning and budgeting, founding and managing new industrial ventures.
Iris Geffen Gloor, has recently served as the UK Israel Tech Hub’s Biomed Manager, connecting leading Biomed innovators, medtech and pharma companies and medical researchers from the UK and Israel to access new business opportunities in life sciences and address global health challenges.

Dr. Geffen holds a BSc. from Tel Aviv University, a PhD in Neurosciences from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, and an MBA from the Recanati School of Management of Tel Aviv University.